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I can teach something
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What can I teach?
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For fun classes, check those boxes you're interested to teach.
I know how to make the best sandwich, pizza.
My friends love to hear me play guitar, piano.
I am the best salsa gal (ok, guy).
I play soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey.
I love history, I can write.
You have the most flourishing garden in the neighborhood.
I am very proud of those great photos I took.
I can send e mail, use social media (a lot of people don't know how)
I know 5 minutes great make up.
I speak the language (yes, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German).
I know humor (Yes, people need to learn how to laugh).
The list goes on for a mile. :)

Q: Hey you didn't mention I can teach this too.
A: OK Write them here:

For the Business Part, check those boxes you're interested to teach.
Teach and share what you know. Open doors of new opportunities for others, increase your own network and make lots of new friends.
I am the top sales in my company, teach the sales skill.
I am a realtor, teach friends what area to look for increase value.
I design the best interior, teach some basic design ideas.
I am a certified CPR, teach the basic life saving knowledge.
I am a darn good stock trader, show them the doors.
I am the top SEO guy in town, share my knowledge and grow.
I design attractive web sites, share basic design ideas.
I know all social media, teach friends some new tricks.
I am a florist, teach friends how to arrange flowers.
I am in fashion business, teach know how to dress for work.
I am a divorce lawyer, teach people the basic knowledge.
This list goes on for two miles. :)
 It's free!
This sharing and teaching may or may not be a complete course. But the class should provide basic knowledge of the business for new friends to learn and decide if they wanted to go in.
Sounds cool! But you didn't mention my great business.This is what I will teach.
This will be displayed on your profile for your class posting.