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Not by Chance! (Part 2)

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Is our universe a product of chance and coincidence or was it designed? Are we alone in the universe? Come hear a live presentation by Ranko Skoric, the author of the book "Not by Chance!". He will explore a number of strange cosmic "coincidences" which enable our existence on this small terrestrial ball. Ranko Skoric studied astronomy in the same Graduate school (U of T) and at the same time as Hugh Ross. However, they did not know each other. He also did research at the Algonquin Radio Observatory in space communications. He does not consider himself an astronomer, since most of his working life was spent not directly in the field of astronomy, but in telecommunications. But his work did have an astronomical aspect. He spent years researching and calculating the detrimental effects of the Sun’s radiation on satellite systems. Q&A to follow. Everyone is welcome. (Park in the east lot, enter by the main entrance, go down the stairs and turn left.)