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Yes! freeClass is a FREE Global Social Media website for everyone to share their knowledge, expertise, life experiences and to make money and have fun.  Sign up as a Member to LEARN through free classes. Sign up as Instructor to TEACH and LEARN for free.  Teach two or three free introductory classes and sell advanced classes and relevant products or services. 


What can you teach?  More than you can imagine.   Go to Yes! I can teach something and discover your personal treasure box.


Members – Learn for free!


Sign up and create a profile, providing information on your interests and background that enables the site to deliver content that is relevant and interesting to you.  Members can do the following:

  1. Take free in-person classes, or online webinars.
  2. Watch free videos
  3. Download free eBooks.
  4. Watch free Yes! TV
  5. Join global clubs for free.


Click here to sign up as a Member.     


If you want to teach something, sign up as an Instructor.  All tools are provided for free.  If you’ve already signed up as member, upgrade as Instructor now, or go to My Page and use the “Become Instructor “ link on the top left side of the page.


Instructors – Teach and Learn for free!    


How to become an Instructor?

  1. Sign up as Instructor now.    
  2. Or upgrade from Member to Instructor. 


As an Instructor, you can share your knowledge, skills and expertise, or your interests and hobbies, through in person classes or on-line webinars and videos.  You can make friends, build your social and professional networks, gain potential clients, make money and have fun.

How Instructors make money:

  1. Teach two or three free introductory classes, and charge for advanced classes.
  2. Teach two or three free introductory webinars, and charge for advanced webinars.
  3. Sell eBooks and relevant products and services through the Mini Store. 
  4. Apply to manage a Global Club.


Here are some examples of what Instructors can teach and sell:

  1. Teach eye makeup, skin care and sell cosmetics, beauty lines or supplies.
  2. Teach decorative cake baking and sell recipe books, supplies and take orders.
  3. How to make spring rolls, sushi, pizza, chicken soup, then sell recipe books, and sell frozen or fresh.
  4. How to dress for work or parties etc. and sell your line of clothing. 
  5. Teach math, science, language and sell e books, or advanced lessons. 
  6. Teach health and life style concepts and sell eBooks or relevant health products. 
  7. Teach sports and sell advanced courses, lessons or equipment.
  8. Teach arts and crafts and sell your finished products and eBooks
  9. Teach beginner piano, guitar or singing, sell eBooks, CDs and advanced courses
  10. Teach internet marketing, social media strategies and SEO, and gain potential clients.
  11. How to play the computer game you designed and sell downloads.

Where Do I Host A Class?

  1. Office space - meeting and conference rooms
  2. Coffee shops - such as Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Second cups.
  3. Condo party and meeting rooms
  4. School Classroom & Cafeterias – Elementary & High Schools, Colleges & Universities
  5. Hotel, Motel & Inns – meeting and conference rooms
  6. Food Courts – in Malls & Plazas
  7. Libraries – quiet corners or small private, meeting rooms
  8. Car garage – for onsite technical classes
  9. Grocery stores - such as Loblaws kitchens and classrooms
  10. Community centres -  meeting rooms
  11. Industrial premises – such as breweries, factories and manufacturing plants
  12. Churches – group meeting rooms
  13. Restaurants, Bars & Clubs – on slow nights, also some have private rooms
  14. In homes - once become trusted friends
  15. Outdoors – such as in a park in nice weather


Be creative, the possibilities are endless!  The only limit is your imagination!


Share your knowledge!
Learn all you want.  Teach what you know.
In person or online.
For free!
Together let’s make this world a better place to live!



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